Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CZ Skull Jewelry

Skulls have forever been associated with great pirate ships laced with black flags to ward off predators and keep people clearly afraid of them. They were once considered a symbol of death and a romantic notion of immortality that a spiritual person survives death. Skulls have also been associated with poison bottles and secret societies. Today however they are turning up in fashion more than ever. You can find them on designer toys, t-shirts, trucker hats, tattoos and of course jewelry.

CZ Skull Stud Earrings

It would appear that skulls do not have that scary facade that they once had since many children’s socks, shirts, shoes and even pajamas have skulls on them in today’s fashion world. Why would they be considered evil, what exactly does that teach our children when they learn about the human skull in science class?

CZ Skull Necklace

The truth is skulls are far from evil, they are a type of style that people love to have around them just like horses or ladybugs. Skulls can actually look really awesome if worn with the right outfit and such. Skull jewelry not only consists of jewelry for a person but for other objects as well such as for a vehicle. Many people decorate their trucks with antenna skulls, gear shifter skulls, and skulls that hand down off the review mirror. Skulls can makes a person feel more youthful and even make them closer to themselves, looking at a skull gives you a better idea of what you cannot see, your own skull.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coventry Cottage Crystal Jewelry is for Brides

Many people wear jewelry everyday. In addition, many people like wearing jewelry for both work and for play. In fact, many jewelry lovers enjoy changing their jewelry from a day look into a very sexy or elegant night look; for example many business women enjoy wearing a button style earring during working hours because they believe a button style earring looks more professional. In addition, by wearing a button style pair of earrings such as love knot earring or a button style pearl earring it is much easier answering the phone at work.

Bead Bracelets

However, when the sun goes down and the moon comes up jewelry lovers want to add a bit of spice and elegance to their wardrobe by changing from button style earrings to either shoulder duster earrings or hoop earring. Plus, sometimes for a night of dinner and dancing some women enjoy wearing earring with sparkles such as large diamond hoop earrings or earring that have many Swarovski crystals on them.

Since many women do have both a personal and a professional life today it comes as no surprise that many of those women are married. When women get married they wish to look their best on their on their wedding day. An important part of a bride’s wardrobe is, of course a beautiful wedding dress and an elegant bridal jewelry suite in order to complete her fairy tale look. If a bride wishes to transform herself into a fairy princess, she needs a dress that makes her look like Cinderella.

Crystal Bead Necklace.jpg

Since the bride looks like Cinderella she will need to wear jewelry that allows her to sparkle and shine on her wedding day. Modern brides are in luck because Coventry Cottage Crystal jewelry specializes in providing brides with that special of Swarovski crystal jewelry for one of the biggest days of her life. But, rest assured that Coventry Cottage Crystal jewelry will not overpower the bride; it will only make her more radiant and lovely. Therefore, if you are a bride to be and want to add some sparkle to your wedding wardrobe then, please visit for all of your bridal jewelry needs.

This website is interesting on its face. This is due to the fact that it tells potential jewelry customers about the beginning of the company. Coventry Crystal jewelry was inspired by both the beauty and the fascination of Swarovski crystals. The theme of Coventry Crystal jewelry is that this is jewelry that can go from the Utah rodeo to the ballet. I was pleased to know that this jewelry is versatile enough to from ballgames to an evening watching the Nutcracker Suite.

Swarovski Crystal Lariat Necklace

The motto makes customers believe that this jewelry can go from day into night; but it also says that Coventry Crystal jewelry specializes in bridal jewelry. Therefore, this website seems to contradict itself. This website is a bit confusing Also, the website doesn’t seem to have a wide selection of jewelry bridal or otherwise.