Friday, December 13, 2013

Saint Christopher Necklaces

Saint Christopher necklaces are often worn by Christians, especially Catholics, as a symbol of their religious affiliation. Some prefer to wear a Saint Christopher necklace for other reasons, such as protection from harm and not for religious reasons. These types of necklaces are made from a variety of materials and are widely available both online from retailers and in jewelry stores.

saint christopher necklaces with cross

The legend of Saint Christopher is not a religious story. Yet, Saint Christopher has a place in Catholic religious lore. In fact, Saint Christopher is not even a figure in the Bible. Saint Christopher is regarded as the patron saint of travelers everywhere and is supposed to keep them from harm. His name, as translated for meaning, means “Christ carrier” and it is unsure if the legend of Christopher appeared in either the third century or much later in the twelfth century.

 The story of Christopher, a middle aged man with a beard, depicts him carrying a childlike Christ on his shoulders and crossing a river. It is Christopher who offers protection and serves as a guide for the Christ child.  As they attempt to cross the river, the Christ child becomes steadily heavier in weight due to bearing the world’s trials and tribulations and sins on his shoulders.  After crossing the river, the Christ child transforms his staff into a living tree. Therefore, it is believed that anyone wearing the symbol of Saint Christopher will be protected and safe from harm during a journey or any of life’s trying moments.
saint christopher yellow gold necklaces

Saint Christopher is a popular emblem for travelers and those whose work involves extensive travel in addition to those of the Catholic faith. Some people prefer to carry a picture of Saint Christopher in their wallet or purse instead of wearing jewelry.

Saint Christopher Necklaces are perhaps the most common form of carrying the emblem of Saint Christopher with someone. Sometimes it is possible to find earrings or bracelets in addition to necklaces, but the necklace design is unisex for the most part and can be seen around the necks of men and women both. The materials that these types of necklaces are constructed from varies, so therefore the price for a Saint Christopher necklace can range in price, from very cheap and affordable to highly expensive.

Some custom jewelry makers will even make a custom Saint Christopher necklace for the wearer. Most commonly, Saint Christopher necklaces are usually made out of sterling silver or a gold alloy. More intricate designs may feature a mix of silver and yellow gold, or colors of gold integrated to make a more elaborate and detailed scene.

Most jewelry stores carry Saint Christopher necklaces or have the capacity to order one for a customer. Some stores design jewelry and can replicate or customize a Saint Christopher piece to the specifications of the customer. Occasionally, religious shops carry jewelry and a Saint Christopher necklace can be found or ordered there. Finally, online shopping can be a great way to find one of these necklaces, as there is often a much wider selection than any jewelry store offers. Sometimes these online sellers offer a great price too.